(1 zestaw) system alarmowy do domu 433 mhz Bezprzewodowy czujnik ruchu PIR Drzwi kontakt PANEL LCD system Alarmowy GSM Kryty Syreny

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( 1 set) Home Security Alarm System 433MHz Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Door contact LCD Panel GSM Alarm system Indoor Siren

1.99 wirelss defence zones,each defence zone can be coded one wireless sensro,so totallly can be coded 99 wireless sensors
2.4 wired defence zones:can be totally connected 4 different wired sensor
3.Blue LCD screen with time clock and alarm status display
4.Voice prompt for all operations so that you can easy to set the alarm system
5.3 groups of timely arm and disarm:you can timely arm and disarm the system even you are not at home
6.Can store 3 SMS numbers:when alarming,system will send alarming SMS automatically
7.Can dial on the keypad directly to make a phone call just like the callphone
8.Can remote control the alarm system arming,disarming,monitoring and intercom by your cellphone
9.10 seconds automatic message recording:after you connecting the GSM SIM card,you can record 10 seconds message
10.Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer
11.One-key-control fuction:out arm,home arm,remote arm boundary places alarm
13.Real-time,delay.24 hours.bypass defence zones programing fuction
14.wireless coding:easy to add additional wireless accessories
15.Built-in backup rechargeable battery:still can last for 4 hours and send SMS to remind you when power off
16.SMS confirmed when you arm/disarm the alarm system though text
17.Buil-in MIC and loudpeaker,easy for you mornitor or intercom with the spot
18.Four bands:850/900/1800/1900MHz.for worldwide use
19.There is GSM signal bar on the LED screen:easy to check the GSM signal strength
20.Can be used as GSM alrm system(with compatible GSM SIM card)or spot alarm system


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Dodatkowe informacje





Wired zone:

8 zones

Wireless zone:

99 zones

Sensor Wireless frequency:

433 MHZ


Home security GSM alarm system

GSM frequency:


Kit Configuration

Door/Window Sensor

Video Interface


Output Number


Communication Interface


Model Number


Zone Number

max support 103



Password Keyboard


Arming Type

Password Keyboard

Brand Name


Alarm Type

SMS,Apps Control,The Alarm


110-240V US/EU/AU/UK (Optional)


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